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To save money

December 1, 2015
photo of mike delaney

When my car broke down, I knew Tri-Valley Transit would be the key to getting me from my home in Bradford to my job in Hanover.  Once I began riding the bus I almost instantly felt the savings on my budget.  I used the money that I saved by riding the bus to buy a new car.  In addition to helping me save for a car, riding the bus gives me leisure time that I cherish.  Rather than worrying about the driving weather, fighting traffic, or searching for parking I now spend my commute time reading for pleasure.

I am driven to save money and I am driven by TVT.

When taking into account all the costs of driving, including fuel, oil, depreciation, routine maintenance and repair, insurance, licensing, registration, and taxes, it costs an average of $34.50 per day for a 60 mile round trip commute.  Even after paying fares, riding the bus to work every day Mike saves more than $7,000 a year.

~ Mike Delaney, TVT Orange/N. Windsor Region Rider