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Tri-Valley Transit
Addison County Office (802) 388-2287
Orange / N. Windsor County Office: (802) 728-3773


Find a Carpool

Carpooling databases match up drivers and riders for one-time or regular trips like getting to work.  Joining this database helps take the “what if” out of carpooling, by letting you see other riders’ profiles and setting the financial arrangements up front.

Go Vermont connects people who live or work in Vermont.

NH Rideshare is a free ride matching service provided by the NH Department of Transportation

Commuter Co-op

Your commute can be less stressful, more reliable and save you money.  Instead of taking your personal vehicle, the State of Vermont provides you with a newer model SUV or van to take to work. All you have to do is pull together a commuter group and split a low monthly fee that covers all costs. You store the car at your house and share the daily driving with your group.

  • Find 3+ co-workers or friends who share a similar commute and schedule as yours. In most cases, your employer can help you with this.
  • Go! Vermont, in partnership with Commute with Enterprise, will provide a fully-equipped, newer model SUV or Van for you to use.
  • Each rider pays a low monthly fee, which covers costs like gas, insurance, and repairs. You save money and commute for as low as $100 per month.
  • You and your commuter group set your schedule and take turns driving. You can even keep the vehicle at your home.
  • Contact Joe at Commute with Enterprise to get started. Call (201) 320-8300 or email

Guaranteed Ride Home

Knowing that even the best-laid plans can change unexpectedly, Go Vermont created Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH), a peace of mind benefit for bus commuters. GRH reimburses travel fees up to $70 for unforeseen changes of plans such as a work-related or family emergency. Commuters are entitled to use this benefit up to six times each year, but not more than twice in a single month. Learn more and register.

Green Rewards

When you choose greener travel options like bus, carpool, Commuter Co-op, bike or telecommute, you can earn points to redeem for restaurant coupons, retailer discounts and tickets to shows & attractions. It’s free and easy to do! Sign up for free here.