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Tri-Valley Transit
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Orange / N. Windsor County Office: (802) 728-3773

Rider Alerts

Snow Bowl 2/28 afternoon suspended

Affected Routes:

Due to high winds the Snow Bowl will be closing early for the day.  TVT’s Snow Bowl bus will complete it’s 3:00 run and then finish for the day.

Thetford Connector

Affected Routes:

Until further notice Thetford Connector will run on a MODIFIED schedule between Strafford and South Royalton.  CLICK HERE for the new schedule, and we will update as necessary.

LINK midday schedule change

Affected Routes:

Due to temporary driver shortage, the midday LINK loop that departs Middlebury at 10:25 a.m. on weekdays will be suspended.  This change takes effect on Monday, January 15th and will continue until further notice.

Saskadena Six Trip

Affected Routes:


On Wednesday Afternoons from Jan 3 – Feb 28, Thetford Connector will pick up riders at Saskadena Six ski area at 4:35 PM with destinations at The Sharon Academy HS, Sharon Park & Ride, and Strafford Park & Ride, before returning to Randolph.

On these days, there will be no service between Strafford Park & Ride and Thetford Park & Ride from 4:08 PM to 4:52 PM.

The morning schedule remains unchanged.

Please click here for a copy of the schedule or call 802-728-3773 with questions about the route.

Snow Bowl seasonal schedule

Affected Routes:

Winter schedules are now being served.  Now with extended hours W-F for night skiing at the Bowl!


Winter Commuter Mon/Tue– Provides two commuter runs on Mondays and Tuesdays. This includes a new stop at 3:25pm at Middlebury Union High School to help student athletes access training at Rikert.

Ski Season Wed/Thurs/Fri – Provides nine runs Wednesdays thru Fridays. This schedule expansion includes the new stop at Middlebury Union High School as well as a longer service day so riders can access night skiing at Middlebury Snow Bowl. The last bus will return from Snow Bowl at 6:40pm.  

Ski Season Sat/Sun – Provides six runs on Saturdays and Sundays

See our news section for a sneak peek of the new schedules:  

New LINK stop @ Rice High School

Affected Routes:

Effective 9/5/23 the first morning loop of the LINK  will stop by request (R) at the Roman Catholic Diocese on Joy Drive so that students can access Rice Memorial High School via the walkway.  No need to call ahead, just tell the driver where you would like to go.  Estimated arrival time is 7:56am.

For return service, students may walk out to meet the LINK bus on Shelburne Road at the passenger shelter in front of Home Goods.
That Shelburne Rd @ Home Ave stop is served at 3:25pm & 5:00pm.

Bristol Shaw’s 2:30 stop change

Affected Routes:

Effective Tuesday, September 12th the 2:30pm stop at Bristol Shaw’s will be served by request only.  To access service please call (802)388-2287.

Hancock Route

Affected Routes:

The Hancock Route is not operating at this time.

For a weekly shopping route to Randolph – click here for the Randolph Shopper schedule

Please contact TVT at 802-728-3773 to discuss your transportation options.

RC reduced frequency

Affected Routes:

TVT has suspended its midday and Saturday service.

There is no change to TVT early morning and late afternoon service.

There is no change to any Marble-Valley operated portion of the shared schedule.