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Tri-Valley Transit
Addison County Office (802) 388-2287
Orange / N. Windsor County Office: (802) 728-3773

Biking, Walking & More

Loading a bike on a Tri-Valley Transit bus

Check out our video tutorial to see how easy and safe it is to load your bike on our bus.

Biking and Walking

Biking and walking are great ways to incorporate physical exercise into your routine, save money, promote cleaner air and connect to transit stops. There are many state and local resources to support your use of people power.


VBike is a nonprofit organization providing leading-edge bike solutions in Vermont. VBike provides information on bike innovations such as cargo bikes and electric assist bikes to expand the range, carrying capacity and overall utility of biking for local transportation.

Local Motion

Local Motion is a member-supported non-profit organization promoting people-powered transportation and recreation for healthy and sustainable Vermont communities.

Walk-Bike Council of Addison County

The Walk Bike Council of Addison County is a citizen-led advisory group with an ear to the ground on walking and bicycling issues and opportunities for all abilities.


Telecommuting / telework, that is, working from home, is a good option for many people. It saves money, time, and fuel, and of course is the new daily reality for many during the coronavirus pandemic.  For more information about making telecommuting work for you and your company, visit our friends at Vital Communities.