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Tri-Valley Transit
Addison County Office (802) 388-2287
Orange / N. Windsor County Office: (802) 728-3773

About Us

Tri-Valley Transit (TVT) is the public transportation provider for Addison, Orange and Northern Windsor Counties of Vermont.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Our funding is on average an 80/20 mix of public (state and federal grants) and private money.  TVT relies upon the generous support of individuals, businesses, towns and philanthropic organizations to supplement the public grants, as well as to provide the local match required to draw down these grants.  Every $1 donated to TVT unlocks $4 of government grants for rides or $9 for capital needs such as replacing aged buses.

In 2017, the public transportation systems in Addison, Orange and Northern Windsor counties merged to form Tri-Valley Transit.  After continuing to do business as ACTR and Stagecoach until just recently, the system is now transitioning fully to Tri-Valley Transit (TVT).  With regional offices remaining in Middlebury and Randolph, this change in the company’s image reflects the unification that better meets the transportation needs for people in 50 towns across a 2,400 square mile stretch of central Vermont.

Our Mission

Tri-Valley Transit’s mission is to enhance the economic, social and environmental health of the communities we serve by providing public transportation services for everyone that are safe, reliable, accessible and affordable.

The Challenges

Economic – With the average annual cost of owning/operating a car in Vermont rising above $7,500, greater pressure has been placed on commuter budgets to ensure access to transportation.  According to HUD, in our region, the average cost of owning and operating a vehicle is more expensive than average housing costs.

Social – With 25% of our population at risk of being transit-dependent and the rural nature of our state, the potential for being stuck at home without access to medical and nutrition support increases.  Transit-dependent members of our community are prone to rural isolation which has significant impact on their well-being.

Environmental/Health – Most of the travel in our region is done in single-occupant cars.  Riding the bus helps our region produce less greenhouse gases, improves water quality.  Riders who regularly walk a short distance to access a stop also enjoy improved health while still enjoying access to jobs, goods and services.

Our Solutions

Tri-Valley Transit operates two parallel and complementary transportation systems in Addison, Orange and northern Windsor Counties.  The public Shuttle Bus System sustainably connects passengers to employment and shopping centers.  The Dial-A-Ride Program provides vulnerable residents, such as seniors and people with disabilities who can’t access the buses, access to comprehensive transportation alternatives.

Awards & Recognition

2022 Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, Office of the Secretary of Defense, recognized Tri-Valley Transit with:

  • ABOVE AND BEYOND AWARD, presented on behalf of the men and women of the National Guard and Reserve Forces for outstanding service and continuing support to the National Defense
  • FREEDOM AWARD NOMINEE in recognition of exemplary support of National Guard and Reserve Member Employees
  • Certificate as a PATRIOTIC EMPLOYER

2020 TVT was recognized by Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for its work supporting food access programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2019 Jim Moulton presenter at the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) national conference – “Innovation in Transit”

2018 chosen as runner-up for best rural transit website in the United States by National Rural Transit Assistance Program

2017 commendation from Senator Bernie Sanders upon ACTR’s 25th anniversary of service

2017 Efficiency Vermont’s Best of the Best Commercial New Construction Award for the Addison County Community Transportation Center’s integration of innovative energy efficient practices

2016 Stagecoach passenger brochure chosen as best entry from all rural districts in the United States by National Rural Transit Assistance Program

2016 Bill Cunningham received the “Buster Brush Citizen of the Year” award from Addison County Chamber of Commerce in recognition of his selfless service for the betterment of the community

2015 Jim Moulton honored by CTAA as United States Community Transportation Manager of the Year

2014 Addison County Chamber of Commerce names ACTR Business of the Year for significant and sustained contribution to the wellbeing of the area.

2013 Federal Transit Administration’s Innovative Green Transit Initiative Award for design of Addison County Community Transportation Center

2012 Jim Moulton presenter at the 20th Biennial National Rural Public and Intercity Bus Conference

2012 Jim Moulton presenter at the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) national conference – “Innovation in Transit”

2012 ACTR highlighted in CTAA whitepaper “Reconnecting America” as an example of how a small rural transportation provider can address unique mobility challenges that stem from large geographic distances, an aging population, and limited financial resources

2012 United Way of Addison County Appreciation Award for embracing the commitment to measuring and sharing the outcomes of ACTR’s work and using them to address the needs of the Addison County community

2011 Transportation Research Board recognizes Jim Moulton’s impetus to transform ACTR from a “program with a handful of riders to a dynamic system offering commuter service, regional service, and local fixed routes, depending on the transit needs of the ridership markets that he recognized.”

2010 United Way of Addison County Partner in Community Caring Award for outstanding achievement in supporting solutions to community needs

2010 Governor’s Award for Workplace Safety

2010 Addison County Job Coalition Certificate of Appreciation to ACTR for ongoing support

2009 to present Jim Moulton selected as State Representative for VT to the CTAA State Advisory Committee

2008 FTA Ridership Excellence Award in recognition of ACTR’s 8.5% system-wide ridership increase for Fiscal Year 2008 over Fiscal Year 2007 and 85.4% ridership increase since Fiscal Year 2002

2006 VTrans Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of efforts during the FTA Combined Triennial & State Management Review

20042017 & 2020-Present Jim Moulton, Chair of Vermont Public Transportation Association

1997 Stagecoach received the Gile Safety Award in recognition of Safety Program Excellence