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Tri-Valley Transit
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To make a difference

December 1, 2015
photo of cheryl manning riding a horse

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and suddenly I could no longer drive myself. My greatest fear was that I would lose my job. Tri-Valley Transit has safely and reliably driven me to and from work every day since. Riding the bus has improved my life. I know that even if I had my license I would not drive again. As an employee of DHMC, I look forward to improving the quality of care and life for patients. I spend time on the bus knitting items that I sell or auction to support the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth. I am driven to make a difference, and I am driven by TVT.

~ Cheryl Manning, TVT Orange/N. Windsor Region Rider

Tri-Valley Transit’s Commuter Routes improve the economic health of our communities by providing more than 105,000 rides to and from work every year.