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Upper Valley Community Transportation Center Receives Two Energy Efficiency Awards

April 28, 2023
Photo of Jade McClallen of TVT and Polly Wheeler from Black River Design receiving an award from Mike Crowley of Efficiency Vermont

Bradford, VT – Tri-Valley Transit is proud to announce that the Upper Valley Community Transportation Center (UVCTC) designed by Black River Design, Architects has recently been awarded an Efficiency Vermont Small New Construction Best of the Best award and a Net Zero Award and Vermont Green Building Award from the Vermont Green Building Network in the non-residential/commercial/multi-family category.

The UVCTC is the newest Net-Zero-Electric and Fossil-Fuel-Free home for Tri-Valley Transit and is located adjacent to the Bradford Park and Ride, just off Interstate 91.  The project includes drive-through bus storage bays, a bus wash with rainwater collection system, and administrative offices including a conference room and driver break room.

“Improving environmental health is at the core of TVT’s mission,” said Jim Moulton, Executive Director, Tri-Valley Transit.  “We know public transit is better for the environment than driving alone, and by investing in features to make the Upper Valley Community Transportation Center more efficient we have been able to further our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.”

Those features include a tight building envelope and a wood-pellet-fueled radiant slab in the bus storage bays to keep buses above freezing between routes.  Rainwater collected from the roof is stored in an underground tank and is used to wash buses.  Clerestory windows provide natural daylight and rooftop and ground-mounted solar arrays produce approximately twice the electricity the facility currently uses.  The surplus electricity is currently helping to power other TVT locations, and in the near future, it will be used for charging new electric buses. 

In the administrative wing, windows provide natural daylight which is supplemented by energy efficient LED light fixtures.  Air source heat pumps warm or cool the space and low embodied carbon materials were selected wherever possible, within the limitations of the budget.  Some choices that were made include wood framing in the office wing, instead of steel, and polished concrete floors instead of carpet.  Native trees and shrubs were chosen for site plantings.

“We’re excited to be recognized by Efficiency Vermont and VGBN,” said Polly Wheeler, Project Manager and Director of Sustainability for Black River Design, Architects. “Our firm recently launched a sustainability action plan with the goal of doing more projects like this – cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and considering broader sustainability impacts.  We are proud to have played a role in its success.”

About Tri-Valley Transit

Tri-Valley Transit serves Addison, Orange, and Northern Windsor Counties with a mission to enhance the economic, social, and environmental health of the communities we serve by providing public transportation services for everyone that are safe, reliable, accessible, and affordable.  Through public bus routes and Dial-A-Ride programs for qualifying individuals, TVT helps people access employment, medical services, food shopping, and social activities.  For more information about TVT’s services, and how you can support public transit in your community, visit

About Black River Design

Black River Design, Architects has been helping institutions across Vermont fulfill their missions through economical, effective, and beautiful design for more than 45 years. They are known for creating spaces that encourage a sense of community.  They look to maximize energy efficiency opportunities within the available budget and believe that the end result is greater when everyone is working together towards a common goal.  For more information about BRD’s sustainability action plan, visit:

About the Awards

The Efficiency Vermont Small New Construction Best of the Best Award recognizes buildings that have achieved exceptional energy performance through the use of innovative design and construction practices.

Vermont Green Building Network’s Vermont’s Greenest Building Awards recognize exemplary residential and commercial buildings that excel in green building strategies – including water, health, transportation, and affordability – and meet the highest standard of demonstrated energy performance.   

  • Vermont’s Green Building Award:  Projects demonstrating energy use intensity at least 50% below the regional average energy use for buildings of the same end use and incorporating other sustainability features.
  • Net Zero Award: Annual renewable energy production is equal or greater than annual energy consumption.