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Successful Fund Raising Campaign

June 30, 2014

Stagecoach Board Thanks the Community for a Successful Fund Raising Campaign

The Stagecoach Board of Directors extends its deep appreciation to the donors who helped them meet their June 30th Fundraising Goal.  Individuals, businesses, and foundations from across Stagecoach’s 29-town service area stood behind their belief in the vital need for access to transportation in rural towns by collectively contributing $40,000 towards Stagecoach’s Local Match Campaign.  The money from this campaign allowed Stagecoach to meet its financial objectives for the full Fiscal Year 2014, including the raising of sufficient Local Match funds to draw down all available grants from the Vermont Agency of Transportation.

The funds raised by this campaign allow Stagecoach to seamlessly continue providing community transportation services.  From July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014 Stagecoach provided more than 60,000 rides to passengers. These rides assure that our neighbors have access to health care, commercial and community centers. They also enhance transportation choices that promote economic development, energy conservation, mobility independence and quality of life.  With the support of the community, the Stagecoach Board of Directors, Management, and Staff look forward to continuing and strengthening the legacy started 38 years ago.

In celebration, Stagecoach Board Members cordially invite the community to join them on July 29th as they thank their neighbors for continued support. In conjunction with Gifford Medical Center and the White River Valley Chamber of Commerce, Stagecoach Board and Staff welcome you to join them at the Dave Keller Band show, part of the 2014 Community Concert Series.  This family friendly event starts at 6:00 PM; come by to learn more about what Stagecoach does, enjoy the wonderful band, and eat the food that Stagecoach Board Members cook for you.

**Donations made at this event will go towards meeting Stagecoach’s FY15 Fund Raising Goals.**