What is Dial-A-Ride?

In addition to our Shuttle Bus Systems, the Dial-A-Ride Program enhances our ability to provide comprehensive transportation alternatives.  This program focuses on vulnerable populations including elders, persons with disabilities and low-income families. Volunteer Drivers are a critical part of this program.

Some Dial-A-Ride programs are supported by Regional Elders & Persons with Disabilities (E&D) Committees.  For information about the committees, including minutes and meeting dates - click below:

Addison County E&D Committee

Orange / N. Windsor E&D Committee

Volunteer Drivers 

As a volunteer driver you may drive as little or as much as you choose.  Mileage is reimbursed at the federal rate and there are other perks including additional liability coverage, medical insurance coverage for accidental injury, access to free driver training and potential vehicle insurance discounts.  Best of all you can feel great about helping those in need!

Visit our Volunteer Page to Apply Today!

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